Die PU vir CHO se naam, leuse en taak in die lig van Psalm 36<sup>1</Sup>


In this article the motto and the name of the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education are discussed against the background of Psalm 36 from which the motto is derived. This motto consists of the words "In thy light", or "In thy light we see the light". The task resulting from this motto and this name is also considered. Attention is paid to the unity between the Old and the New Testament, the relation between God as Creator and as Redeemer, and between Scripture/faith and science. The relation between the translations "In thy light we see the light’ and "through thy light we live", as well as the relation between the ‘secular' application of Psalm 36:10 as University motto and the cultic setting is investigated. The ethical antithesis in the Psalm is also discussed Scholarship in the spirit of serving God and one’s neighbour with one’s whole being is stressed.