’n Samelewingsteoretiese model as riglyn vir doelmatige ouer-onderwyserkontak<sup>1<sup>


Both parents and teachers are called upon to educate children separately, as well as in conjunction with another. Although parents are the primary, and consequently also the most important educators of their children, teachers as professionally trained educators of their children are currently needed, especially to undertake the teaching aspect of children’s education. Parents and teachers do not always have clarity as to the facet of the educational teaching process for which they are Co-responsible, and in what spheres they need to respect one another's field of competence. In this article a societal theoretical model is presented, based on fundamental-educational criteria, which specify the fields of competence as well as co-operation of parents and teachers. With this model as guideline, more effective parent-teacher contact can be achieved to benefit the education of children.