Godsdiensregte in die regspraak: uitlegmetodes in die CESA-beslissings


Christian Education South Africa
Constitution 1996
Section 15 31 36
Corporal Punishment
Freedom Of Religion
Freedom Of Religion And Rights Pertaining To Religion
Method Of Interpretation


Religious rights in case law: Methods of interpretation in the CESA judgments

In this article an investigation is conducted into the methods of interpretation followed by specific courts in the adjudication of disputes concerning rights pertaining to religion. This inquiry takes place against the backdrop of an exposition of the protection of the rights concerning religion in the Constitution, 1996. The divergent methods followed by the High Court and the Constitutional Court in deciding the application and appeal of Christian Education South Africa respectively are analysed, characterised and compared. The merits and weaknesses of the methods followed by the courts in this case are highlighted. This assessment is made against the background of the question whether persons who take their religious convictions seriously may have the expectation that their rights concerning religion will be effectively protected by South African courts.