Workplace spirituality
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workplace spirituality
practical theology


In this article, the argument is developed that workplace spirituality can be used within practical theology to understand developments within the workplace. This can enable the church to give effective guidance to the congregation on finding meaning and purpose within the workplace. The value of workplace spirituality for both practical theology (as science) and the church (as organisation) will be debated in this article. In this article, it is accepted that workplace spirituality is not the same as religion even though the two concepts are not disjoint. This article first attends to workplace spirituality and then to the role of practical theology in workplace spirituality.

Based on the discussion of the difference between religion and spirituality, and what spirituality is, including the dimensions of spirituality, the working definition used in this article is that workplace spirituality engenders spiritual growth and development of employees which creates purpose, meaning, and community within the organisational context.

In the part on practical theology, it is argued that practical theology has three domains, namely the church, society, and academia (or science). The study presents the perspective that the workplace is a study focus for practical theology. The practice of workplace spirituality should be studied in practical theology thereafter practical theology can develop a faith-based approach to spirituality. This can be useful to understand the construct and practice of faith-based workplace spirituality without the one faith tradition dominating over the other.
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