The influence of the pre-scientific and scientific belief system of both counsellor and client on the success of the narrative process


Narrative Approach
Experiences Interpreted Through Storytelling
Pre-Scientific Belief System
Comprehensive Framework
Scientific Belief System
Limits Of Philosophical Presuppositions


The aim of this article is to investigate to what extent the belief system of both counsellor and client plays a role in counselling. It is generally accepted that beliefs play a central role in the life of all people. This article applies this notion, as described by, among others, Wright, Watson and Bell (1986), to the field of pastoral care and more specifically to the narrative approach within it. The narrative approach is an important instrument that helps people to understand how their life stories have been shaped by their beliefs about themselves. Throughout the article the researcher attempts to indicate how the counsellor, client and counselling process are influenced by their respective scientific and pre-scientific roots and development, as well as by their system of belief in general.