A creative humane university – coping with the business model


Creative Scholarship
Economy Of Scale
Neo-Pragmatist Managerocracy
Technicist Education


In this article it is attempted to indicate that the economistic application of economy of scale in the context of a university pushes a university, even in its reigning epistemology, ideologically in the direction of technicism, scientism, and economism (imposed by neo-pragmatist managerialism). Economistic application of economy of scale includes minimising academic staff and their support systems, but combined with the maximum intake in student numbers. This managerial system introduces stereotypical forms of innovation, and inhibits risk-taking, although, disciplined playfulness is indeed needed for creative scholarship. It is also attempted to analyse creative possibilities in terms of the spectrum of possible scholarly problem statements with their proportionate risks. The basic forms of abstraction are also outlined in order to give some indication of how scholars are to support the development of a responsible spirit of renewal of knowledge in their students.