'Die verswygde storie': ’n gevallestudie oor die manifestasie van bates by ’n kleuter met spina bifida miëlomeningoseel


Asset-Based Approach
Children With Disabilities
Spina Bifida


'The unmentioned story': a case study of the manifestation of assets in a toddler with spina bifida miëlomeningoseel

In South Africa a few major discourses with regard to disability can be distinguished. Although these discourses construct disability differently, three of them – the lay, charity and medical discourses – tend to view disability negatively. This article endeavours to challenge the stereotypical “picture” of a person with a disability. By conducting an intrinsic case study the unique intrapersonal assets of a boy (who has a physical disability, spina bifida) is identified. An asset-based approach accompanied the research design as a theoretical framework in order to explore whether positive aspects of this boy’s life-world could be identified. This article identifies and embraces the positive side of living with a physical disability and illustrates ways in which positive constructions of an individual with disabilities can be pursued.