Ses dekades opvoedingsfilosofie sedert J. Chris Coetzee – waar staan ons vandag?

J.L. van der Walt


Six decades of philosophy of education since J. Chris Coetzee – where do we stand today?

Approximately six decades have gone by since Professor J. Chris Coetzee first published his “Introduction to the philosophy of education” (the title of which can be translated as “Introduction to general theoretical education”). This article is aimed at explaining how the field of reformational philosophy of education in South Africa has developed during these six decades. The discussion does not follow the pattern of a mere historical review of events in the field. Use is made of recent developments in the fields of the history and sociology of science to explain the condition that philosophy of education in South Africa currently finds itself. Theories about the evolution of science developed by Kuhn, Neurath, Barrow and others are used to explain the nature of the crises experienced in this field of science.


Education; Foundational Studies; J Chris Coetzee; Philosophy Of Education

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